Terms And Conditions

1. Who your agreement is with. When you book your holiday your agreement will be with Taylored-Holidays. See the bottom of the page for further details.

2. The agreement. There will be a contract between you and Taylored-Holidays, when we accept your payment. The person making the booking accepts the contract on behalf of all members of your party and is responsible for making sure they accept the contract. We can’t accept bookings from anyone under the age of 18.

3. Terms of the agreement. These terms form your contract with us. 

4. Alterations to your booking. Once there is a contract you can’t transfer or change your booking without our agreement. We are sorry that we can’t accept any major changes to your booking e.g. change of dates.

5. Cancelling your booking. If you cancel your holiday you will always be responsible for the full cost of your holiday. If you need to cancel your holiday please call us or email us at  andy@taylored-holidays.com. The date of the postmark on or the date we receive your email is the date of the cancellation.

6. Paying for your holiday. When you book your holiday you can opt to pay a £50.00 deposit and will need to pay the full amount 2 months before your holiday.

7. Special offers. To claim any special offers, discounts, promotional codes etc. please tell us when you book. If you don’t, we’re sorry we can’t honour these. All discounts, special offers etc. are subject to availability.

8. Prices. All prices are subject to change so could increase or decrease. The price confirmed when you book is the final price and will not change unless you alter your booking.

9. Who’s in your party. When you book you need to give the names and ages of everyone in your party. Only those people on your booking confirmation can occupy your holiday home and anyone not named on your confirmation will be asked to leave the park. In these circumstances no refund or compensation will be given.

10. Numbers in your party. The total number in your party (including children and babies) must not exceed the maximum capacity of the holiday home advertised online.(8 maximum)

11. Single sex parties. If you wish to book a single sex party you must tell us of this. There may be restrictions on bookings from all male or all female parties of over 4 people and restrictions on the number of people who can occupy the holiday home. Please check when you book.

12. Holiday Use As Ruda ParkDean Resorts parks and Haven Devon Cliffs are holiday resorts we don’t accept bookings if you want to stay for work or use the park as a base to travel to work or for residential use. All adults booked must appear on the electoral roll at the address given when booking or provide other evidence of their permanent address such as a council tax bill if requested.

13. Arrival and departure times.  Your holiday home will be available from 4pm on your arrival day. If you think you may arrive after 11pm please let us know. If your holiday home is not occupied by 10am on the day after your arrival day and you haven’t told us you will be arriving we will treat your booking as cancelled and re-let the holiday home. You should leave your holiday home by 10am on your departure date.

14. Children. All children must be supervised by parents or guardians throughout the holiday. Where Ruda ParkDean Resorts or Haven Devon Cliffs have children’s clubs, special programmes of events and other facilities for children these are not childcare facilities and children remain the responsibility of their parents or guardians at all times. Please make sure you always know where your children are.

15. Guests with special needs. Guests with disabilities are welcome at Ruda ParkDean Resorts and Haven Devon Cliffs. Our Caravan is not adapted for wheelchair use inside the caravan but if you or one of your party has special needs or a disability please tell us about this before you book so we can try to ensure the accommodation is suitable for you. If you don’t tell us we can’t be held responsible.  We will try to accommodate any special requirements but can’t guarantee this.

16. Allergies and non-smoking or vaping accommodation.  All of our accommodation is non-smoking and vaping. If you smoke or vape in non-smoking accommodation you will be required to pay an additional fee of £150 for deep cleaning of the accommodation.

17. Pets. Pets are not permitted on the Ruda ParkDean Resorts therefore can not stay in the caravan. We do not allow pets in our caravan at Haven Devon Cliffs.

18. Use of your holiday home. At the end of your holiday please leave everything in a clean and tidy condition. You may be required to pay for any damage you cause to your holiday home during your stay. We have the right to enter your accommodation for maintenance purposes or in special circumstances and in emergencies.

19. Your personal possessions. You are responsible for your personal possessions on the park or in your holiday home and we aren’t responsible for any loss or damage to these. If you leave personal possessions behind at the end of your holiday we’ll try to return them but are not responsible for them.

20. Cots and highchairs. Travel cots and highchairs may be hired at no additional charge, subject to availability. You need to request these when you book. Cots can normally only be accommodated in the living area of holiday homes. You will need to bring your own cot linen.

21. Bed linen. We provide bed linen. We do not normally provide towels, tea towels or other bathroom and kitchen requisites unless specified.

22. Park facilities. For health and safety reasons some of Ruda ParkDean Resorts  and Haven Devon Cliffs facilities have age and/or height restrictions. Children under the age of 8 must be supervised by an adult in the swimming pool and one adult may not supervise more than two children under 8. At Ruda ParkDean Resorts  and Haven Devon Cliffs all children under 4 must be supervised by an adult on a one-to-one basis. At busy times access to facilities may be restricted and a booking system may operate. Ruda ParkDean Resorts  and Haven Devon Cliffs may have to close facilities (e.g. for health and safety reasons, maintenance or reasons beyond our control) and we are not liable to compensate you if they do so.

23. Entertainment.  Any visitors will need to buy entertainment passes to access facilities and entertainment. Bookings made through some promotions do not include entertainment. Ruda ParkDean Resorts  and Haven Devon Cliffs may have to withdraw or change entertainment or close facilities and we are not liable to you if they do so. It is against the law to smoke in buildings open to the public and Ruda ParkDean Resorts  and Haven Devon Cliffs provide outdoor smoking areas. E cigarettes are not permitted in Ruda ParkDean Resorts  and Haven Devon Cliffs or our facilities. You are not permitted to bring your own alcohol or other drinks into the entertainment complex, bar or restaurants.

24. The holiday park. Ruda ParkDean Resorts  and Haven Devon Cliffs is in a rural location so there may be areas of uneven ground, unmade paths and limited lighting. Please take special care to avoid accidents. Ruda ParkDean Resorts  and Haven Devon Cliffs has lakes, ponds, and rivers so please make sure you know about these features and supervise children appropriately.

25. Your car and other vehicles At Ruda Parkdean. You should comply with speed limits, parking and traffic regulations on the park.  Ruda ParkDean Resorts try to provide parking next to or near your holiday home but can’t guarantee this, please ask at time of booking. Vehicles are brought into the holiday park at your risk and Taylored-Holidays or Ruda ParkDean Resorts are not responsible for loss or damage to these except where it is caused by our negligence or fault. Quad bikes, similar,  vehicles and pickup and large commercial vehicles aren’t allowed on park.

25a. Your car and other vehicles at Haven Devon Cliffs. You should comply with speed limits, parking and traffic regulations on the park. you must park in available car parks. Vehicles are brought into the holiday park at your risk and Taylored-Holidays or Haven Devon Cliffs are not responsible for loss or damage to these except where it is caused by our negligence or fault. Quad bikes, similar,  vehicles and pickup and large commercial vehicles aren’t allowed on park.

26. Behaviour on park. Ruda ParkDean Resorts and Haven Devon Cliffs is a family holiday park so please ensure your behaviour is appropriate and not noisy, offensive or likely to cause any harm or upset to other guests, staff or property at the holiday park. If Ruda ParkDean Resorts or Haven Devon Cliffs feel your behaviour is illegal, offensive, disruptive or inappropriate or is disturbing other guests they will ask you to leave the holiday park and no refund will be given.

27. Filming and photography.  Sometimes the resort may have TV and other companies filming or taking photographs on park. Ruda ParkDean Resorts or Haven Devon Cliffs will do all they can to ensure you are not disturbed by this. Ruda ParkDean Resorts or Haven Devon Cliffs can’t accept any responsibility or offer any financial award if you do appear in films or photographs. No photography is allowed in swimming pool areas.

28. If you have a problem. We do all we can to make sure you enjoy your holiday but sometimes things may go wrong. If this happens please contact Taylored-Holidays straight away and we will try and put things right. If we can’t, then you can leave on the first day of your holiday and receive a full refund. If you decide to stay or don’t give us the chance to put things right first you’ll not be entitled to a refund. If anything is not sorted out during your stay please contact our Customer Relations team by email andy@taylored-holidays.com no later than 14 days after the end of your holiday.

29. Cancellation by us. Very occasionally, in exceptional circumstances, we may have to cancel your booking. If we do so we will tell you as soon as possible and you can choose either to have a full refund, or accept any alternative arrangements offered to you, or book another holiday with us at the current price. If we have to cancel because of circumstances beyond our control (e.g. fire, theft or flood) we will pay a full refund. If we cancel we will have no further liability to you for this.

30. Website & Facebook accuracy. We have taken all care to make sure our website is correct. However, we cannot accept responsibility for any errors or the results of these. Photographs of accommodation are examples only and furnishings, layout and decoration may vary. We are not responsible to you for unforeseen events or matters over which we have no control.

31. Our liability to you. We are responsible for any loss or damage you may suffer as a result of our negligence or willful default, but otherwise are not liable to you for any loss or damage you suffer. Our liability to you is limited to the cost of your holiday less any insurance premium, except in the case of death or personal injury. We don’t operate  the  local attractions which are not on the park or act as an agent for these, and o we are not liable for any damage or loss you may suffer when buying tickets or visiting the attraction. Your statutory rights are not affected by anything in these terms and conditions.

32. Keeping safe the information you have given us. The information you give us in connection with your booking is held by Taylored Holidays in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Taylored-Holidays is notified as a data controller under that Act. We use this information to help us to provide and improve our service to you and to provide you with information about our holidays and holiday homes. We may disclose this information to others if we are legally required to do so, or where we believe it is necessary to protect our or another person’s rights, property or safety. If you do not want us to send marketing information about our holidays and holiday homes please call, email or write to us. CCTV cameras are used at some locations for crime prevention and safety reasons and telephone calls may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes. You should ensure other members in your party know about the information you provide and how we use it and agree to it.

How to contact us. If you need to contact us please call our team on 07375124231 or email on andy@taylored-holidays.com